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FME’s decision-making bodies are the Department Head and the Department General Assembly.

The General Assembly consists of the department’s faculty members, and representatives of the student unions for undergraduate and postgraduate students.

The operation and organization of FME is supported by administration personnel.

Administrative Staff

Despoina Monogioudi, Departmental Manager- 2271-0-35402

Sophia Marsellou, Administrator for Undergraduate Studies- 2271-0-35430, 35411

Anna Kyriakaki, Administrator for Academic Affairs- 2271-0-35412

Christina Chalimourda, Administrator - 2271-0-35403

George Vardakis, Administrator - 2271-0-35419

Eugenia Fronimaki, Administrator for Postgraduate Studies- 2271-0- 35422

John Frezoulis, Administrator - 2271-0-35430, 35411