Business Process Management Systems

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Business Process Management Systems
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Elective course (track)
Management Engineering

Course Description: Τhis course provides a set of fundamental concepts for understanding Business Process Management (BPM), Business Process Automation, Business Process Modeling and the Application of a Business Process Model to solve problems of systems and services integration in real business environments (enterprise architecture integration). Ultimately, the goal of this course is to help students to model existing business process as well as create theιρ own models for completely new composite business processes.

Course Topics:

Business Process Analysis

Business Process Design by using BPMN

BPMN by example

Familiarization with Process Modelers (software and applications such as Bizagi and others)

Best practices and techniques for modeling business processes (Process Modeling Framework)

Strategies for orchestrating enterprise IT systems and human tasks through Business Process Management Systems (Business Process Automation)

Business Process Management Systems in the context of Supply Chain Management

Course Structure:

Introduction - Scope of the course and method of study

BPM, Business Processes and Business Process Models

Business Process Analysis - Business Process Modelling by using BPMN

A composite service case example to practice the skills and knowledge acquired and apply the proposed Process Modeling Framework

Business Process Automation

Business Process Management Systems and Supply Chain Management

Class schedule: 
Thursday 18:00 - 21:00
Assessment methods: 

Language of evaluation: Greek for local students, English for ERASMUS students.

Evaluation Scheme:
Class Participation (20%) | Assignments (30%) | Final Essay/Project (no Exams) (50%)

(*) Verification of personal work in the Project during Final Exams (orally)

Notes per week