Cost accounting

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Cost accounting
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Course Description: 

The objective of the course is to help the students: (a) Understand the information provided by Management Accounting with emphasis to the use of the Cost in the basic Management functions (Planning, Decision Making and Control), and (b) Obtain the basic knowledge on cost calculation as well as on the analysis and application of the Costing techniques in the day-to-day management.

Assessment methods: 

Final exam (100%)

Recommended Reading:

Management Accounting, Garrison R, Noreen E, Brewer P, McGraw-Hill, 2015 (in English)

Other references:

[1] Management Accounting for Planning, Dimitras A, Ballas A, Gutenberg publication, 2010 (in Greek)

[2] Costing Techniques and Management, Needles B, Powers M, Crosson S, Paschalidis publications, 2017 (in Greek)

[3] Cost Accounting. Principles & Applications, Venieris G, Cohen S, Koletsi M, Ioannidis publications, 2005 (in Greek)

Notes per week

  • Aim and distinctions of Management Accounting (L1).
  • Cost elements, Cost classification (L2,3).
  • Cost accounting. Costing based on the production process, Analysis and control of Production Cost (DM, DL, P.OH), Cost and Revenue centers, Costing Methods (Job order costing, Process costing), ABC costing, Services costing, Applications: Pricing (L4,5,6,7).
  • Decision making accounting. Costing based on the way Fixed costs are treated, Costing methods (Variable or Direct costing, Full Absorption costing), Applications: Break Even Analysis & Short term decision making (L8,9,10).