Supply Chain Management I

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Supply Chain Management I
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Management Engineering


Supply Chain Management module covers all operational aspects that deal with the planning and the execution of the supply chain in contemporary enterprises and organizations. The module presents various strategic tools for the management of supply chains (e.g. demand forecasting, procurement, inventory and stock control) as well as for the monitoring of customer service level. Emphasis is given also to optimization techniques and quantitative methods to tackle complex problems in logistics operations (e.g. warehousing and transportation). The role of ICT and new technologies (e.g. telematics, RFID) in supply chain management is also underlined together with green initiatives for sustainable logistics. The content of the module include the following issues: Order management and customer service, Distribution channels, Procurement and purchasing, Storage and packaging, Inventory & stock control, Transport & delivery, Outsourcing (3PL/4PL), E-Logistics & ICT, Green & reverse logistics, Case studies.

By completing this module, each student will be able to:

· Understand the fundamental principles for the management of supply chains with emphasis on planning and execution processes

· Understand the different distribution channels and the role of third party logistics operators (3PLs, 4PLs)

· Understand the importance of keeping stock and techniques for optimization stock levels

· Understand the role of suppliers, the methods for organizing procurement activities and models for suppliers relationship management

· Understand methods and techniques for design a warehouse / distribution centre

· Choose information systems for warehouse management and material handling equipment

· Organize transportation systems and choose the most suitable transportation mean

· Understand the importance of city logistics, UCCs and reverse logistics

· Choose information systems for transportation management

· Evaluate and make use of emerging technologies (Logistics 4.0) for managing information flow in supply chain networks


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Πέμπτη 09:00 - 12:00, Y.K. 1, Κτήριο Μιχάλων 8
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Final exams


Team project




Recommended Reading:



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