Career Opportunities

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Relevant studies and reports at the national and international level identify the Department's specialty as one of the top specialties leading young graduate engineers to a promising career. The Department equips students with a solid academic background and encourages the development of creativity that is essential for engineers facing the challenges of a new era of learning, rapid technological change and economic globalization.

The Undergraduate Programme of studies allows students to shape an individual professional profile. All FME graduates will be qualified to seek employment in the following fields:

  • Cost analysis, budget control
  • Environmental ramifications of industrial and financial systems
  • Information systems management and technology
  • Financial feasibility analysis of information technology applications
  • Scientific analysis and processing of data and information
  • General financial, social, economic, organization and business studies.

In addition, students who wish to continue their studies at a postgraduate level may do so in several fields including Financial Engineering, Logistics, Manufacturing Systems Engineering, Information Systems and Management Engineering

Career's Advisory Service

The Career's Advisory Service (CAS) provides a service for graduates trying to find a suitable work niche. It acts as a mediator between them and the companies and institutions recruiting in the public and private sectors.

More specifically CAS:

  • provides practical information on the activities of the private and public organizations in Greece and abroad that might be recruiting graduates of the University of the Aegean;
  • offers coaching and advice in several areas related to recruitment and employment, such as CV presentation, interview skills, etc.
  • keeps a database of the CVs of all its graduates
  • informs its students about grants and postgraduate studies and positions in Greece and abroad
  • organizes seminars and conferences where scholars and/or leading practitioners in the business world present subjects of special interest to the students and new graduates..

There is a local CAS unit on Chios, which was established in 1999, and which provides useful services to students and graduates of the Business School.

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