Student Guide - Diploma Supplement

Undergraduate Courses

Semester: 1st
Class Instructor
Physics Ι Papageorgiou Konstantinos
Introduction to Economic Theories Liagouras Georgios
Introduction to Systems Design - Tutorial Amygdalou Lemonia
Physics Ι - Lab Gkialas Ioannis
Calculus I Drivaliaris Dimosthenis
Chemistry Golfinopoulos Spyridon
Introduction to Systems Design Minis Ioannis
Semester: 2nd
Class Instructor
Physics ΙΙ Gkialas Ioannis
Linear Algebra Drivaliaris Dimosthenis
Statics Lab Amygdalou Lemonia
Physics ΙΙ - Lab Papageorgiou Konstantinos
Macroeconomics Liagouras Georgios
Statics Alexopoulos Nikolaos
Introduction to Informatics Melekos Georgios
Probabilities Vassiliou Evangelos
Semester: 3rd
Class Instructor
Computer Programming - Lab Melekos Georgios
Thermodynamics Papageorgiou Konstantinos
Strength of Materials Alexopoulos Nikolaos
Introduction to Management Vasilakis Panagiotis
Applied Microeconomics Liagouras Georgios
Calculus II Karageorgos Ioannis
Computer Programming
Semester: 4th
Class Instructor
Dynamics and Kinematics Papageorgiou Konstantinos
Chemical Technology Golfinopoulos Spyridon
Databases - Tutorial Melekos Georgios
Differential Equations Μπουλάς Κωνσταντίνος
Transport Phenomena (Fluids – Heat) Gkialas Ioannis
Databases Ampazis Nikolaos
Statistics Koutras Vasilis
Environmental Engineering Golfinopoulos Spyridon
Scientific Programming with the Python programming language
Semester: 5th
Class Instructor
Business Applications of Information Systems Kavassalis Petros
Financial Accounting and Financial Statement Analysis Stathoukos Eustathios
Probability Models Μπουλάς Κωνσταντίνος
Econometrics Vassiliou Evangelos
Automatic Control Systems Minis Ioannis
Operations Management Zeimpekis Vasilis
Semester: 6th
Class Instructor
Operations Research Ι Platis Agapios
Industrial Organisation and Game Theory Liagouras Georgios
Financial Analysis Vasileiou S. Evangelos
Strategic Management Constantelou Anastasia
Data Analysis
Engineering Materials Alexopoulos Nikolaos
Semester: 7th
Class Instructor
Technology and Innovation Management Constantelou Anastasia
Decision Analysis and Knowledge Engineering Dounias Georgios
Cost accounting Stathoukos Eustathios
Simulation Vassiliou Evangelos
Financial Econometrics Baltas Yiannis
Operations Research ΙΙ Koutras Vasilis
Modelling, Analysis and Design of Stochastic Systems Koutras Vasilis
Semester: 8th
Class Instructor
Marketing Constantelou Anastasia
Human Resources Management Glikas Michail
Production Systems Minis Ioannis
Stochastic Models Koutras Vasilis
Portfolio Management Vasileiou S. Evangelos
Derivatives and New Financial Products Baltas Yiannis
Cost-Benefit Analysis and Investment Decisions Dounias Georgios
Supply Chain Management I Zeimpekis Vasilis
Systems Reliability Platis Agapios
Semester: 9th
Class Instructor
Production Processes Alexopoulos Nikolaos
Business Communication Mixalakopoulou Pinelopi
Web Application Development Ampazis Nikolaos
Energy Systems: Theory and Applications Gkialas Ioannis
Special Issues on Operational Research Μπουλάς Κωνσταντίνος
Deep - Machine Learning
Mathematical Analysis Karageorgos Ioannis
Environmental Systems Design and Implementation Golfinopoulos Spyridon
Money, Credit and Banking Vasileiou S. Evangelos
Advanced Subjects in Operations Management Glikas Michail
Project Management Zeimpekis Vasilis
Bank Services and Financial Products Glikas Michail
Financial Risk Analysis and Management Baltas Yiannis
International Macroeconomics and Finance Vasileiou S. Evangelos
Semester: 10th
Class Instructor
Entrepreneurship Kinias Ioannis
Computational/Evolutionary Optimization Methods and Applications
Applied Matrix Theory Karageorgos Ioannis
Financial Scenarios Simulation Baltas Yiannis
Business Evaluation Techniques– Mergers and Acquisitions Glikas Michail
E-business and the Management of the Networked Entrerprise Kavassalis Petros
Supply Chain II Minis Ioannis
Quality Systems