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Information for Erasmus+ incoming students

The School of Engineering at the University of Aegean is a multi-node School which includes the following Departments:

  • The Department of Information and Communication Systems Engineering (located in Samos)
  • The Department of Financial and Management Engineering (located in Chios)
  • The Department of Product and Systems Design Engineering (located in Syros)

The language of instruction in all Bachelor programmes is Greek but the School offers tutoring services to incoming exchange students in a number of courses each semester.

Incoming Erasmus+ students who wish to study at the Department of Financial and Management Engineering for the academic year 2023-24 may choose among the following list of courses where tutoring is provided in English:


The description of each of these courses can be found here:

In addition, final year undergraduate incoming Erasmus+ students may also choose to conduct all or part of their Thesis project at the University of Aegean. Any student seeking to undertake part or the whole of a thesis project at the University of Aegean needs to get in touch with potential supervisor(s) at the host Institution and make the necessary arrangements well in advance. Should a student choose to conduct only part of his/her thesis project, then he/she may need to select an additional number of courses offered in English in order to complete the required number of ECTS credits.

If you have questions or would like to create an Erasmus contract with the Department of Financial and Management Engineering please contact Erasmus Departmental Coordinators:

Ioannis Baltas Assistant Professor (Tenured)

Professor Nikolaos Alexopoulos

For more information on the Erasmus program, please visit:

For a list with the collaborating departments, click here

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