Koutras Vasilis

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Assistant Professors (Tenured)
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Stochastic Modeling
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Dr Vasilis Koutras is currently an Assistant Professor at the Department of Financial and Management Engineering. He holds a Bachelor degree in Mathematics (Probability, Statistics & Operational Research)-(2002) from the Department of Mathematics, University of Patras, a Master degree in Mathematical Modeling in Physical Sciences and new Technologies (2004), from the Department of Mathematics, University of the Aegean. He received his PhD diploma from the Department of Financial and Management Engineering, University of the Aegean. He is a member of the Reliability Engineering Laboratory (REL). He is also Academic Staff at the Hellenic Open University, School of Science & Technology, Post Graduate Programme: Quality Management and Technology, Msc, Course:DIP50 Basic Tools and Methods for Quality Control (Ac. Years 2013-14, 2015-16, 2017-18, 2018-2019) and Course:DIP61 Special Topics on Quality (Ac. Year 2016-17) . He is teaching Operations Research ΙΙ, Modeling Analysis and Design of Stochastic Systems, Statistics, Stochastic Models, Queuing Theory. He has published over 40 papers in international journals, book chapters and international conferences proceedings (with review procedure). He has also participated as a Researcher in the European Funding Projects:PREPAREDNESS AND PREVENTION PROJECTS IN CIVIL PROTECTION AND MARINE POLLUTION’ – EUROPEAN COMMISION – DG ECHO:An Integrated Methodological framework for Emergency Logistics (MELOGIC), DG Humanitarian and Civil Protection (DG ECHO), ECHO/SUB/2014/695769 and THALES: “Analysis of Supply and Production Systems: an Integrated Approach” (ASPASIA).

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Kountouriotou 41
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Students: Monday10.00-13:00 (prior contanct by email)
Advisoring: Monday10.00-13:00 (prior contanct by email)
v [dot] koutras [at] fme [dot] aegean [dot] gr
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Stochastic modeling of highly available and reliable systems. Stochastic modeling of software rejuvenation, computer systems performability indicators, software reliability, Markov and Semi-Markov processes, preventive maintenance, operations research.



Optimizing Performance and Dependability of Computer Systems: Software Rejuvenation Stochastic Modeling
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