Environmental Quality and Technology Laboratory - EQTL

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Laboratory is located on the Aegean island of Chios Greece. It is housed in the main building of the Department of Shipping, Trade and Transport.

The address is: Environmental Quality and Technology Laboratory (EQTL), Department of Financial and Management Engineering, School of Engineering, University of the Aegean, Shipping, Trade and Transport Building, Korai 2A. GR-82132, Chios, Greece, phone: + 30 22710 35487.


Aims / Objectives / Prospects

The Environmental Quality and Technology Laboratory (EQTL) covers teaching and research needs in environmental science and specializes in determination of hazardous substances in water, waste, air and food, the environmental policy and planning related to sustainable development, focusing on energy, circular economy and environmental impact assessment.

The interests of the laboratory include chemical species in water and soil contaminants, exploring their sources, reactions, transport and fates, and in particular their effects upon each of these environments. Pollutants may be of natural, anthropogenic, biogenic or geochemical origin. The results of our research and the qualitative analysis are used to explore and to identify the appropriate indicators for assessing different (eco) systems (water, waste, etc.).

The laboratory aims to promote the interests and expertise of its members, to facilitate scientific discussion relating to environmental chemistry, and to provide expert advice both within the Greek society and externally.

Future goals of EQTL include:

  • Establishing a monitoring network of water resources (surface and groundwater) in the insular region of the Aegean.
  • Water quality assessment through comprehensive statistical analysis of chemical, microbiological and toxicological water parameters will lead to an effective evaluation and management of a water resource system.
  • The development of models, collecting and organizing environmental data in geographic information systems and databases.
  • Study of the results of these compounds in the environment, and their subsequent fate.
  • Τhe public and relevant bodies information, the coordination of environmental monitoring networks, the highlighting of environmental issues and the planning, development of environmental education materials and programs.

The laboratory supports new chemical equipment with high standards of security and quality, including:

  • System Gas Chromatography coupled to Tandem Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS/MS) Shimadzu, GCMS-TQ8040
  • System High Performance Liquid Chromatography HPLC UV-Vis Shimadzu Europa GmbH (series Prominence)
  • Total Organic Carbon Analyzer (TOC) Shimadzu, TOC-LCSH
  • Water distillation system, 8 L, Human, NEX Power 1000 INTEGRADE
  • Deionization Water Column Zalion 300
  • Rotary Vacuum Evaporator LabTech EV-311 Plus
  • Analytical Balance Shimadzu TW-423L
  • Heating Oven Binder ED 115
  • Portable pH meter Consort C6010
  • Portable pH, ORP, ISE, oC, ion, meter, Consort, C3030
  • Heated Plates Falc F-70
  • Heated Ultrasonic bath, 5 L, Falc, LBS2-4.5
  • Refrigerated recirculating bath, Falc, SBF 7
  • SPE Manifold Biotage Vacmaster 10


Thematic Research

Environment - Sustainability:

  • Quality of surface and underground water
  • Water resources management
  • Wastewater management
  • Toxic compounds
  • Environmental quality
  • Environmental policy
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Environmental management systems