PhD Programme

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The FME Department Doctoral Studies Program is a source of academic prestige and international academic excellence and contributes to the qualitative and quantitative development of its scientific production. A program of doctoral studies in the Department of Financial and Management Engineering lasts between 3 and 6 years. Applications for enrolment can be submitted to the Department’s Registry throughout the academic year. Prior to the application, a contact of the candidate with Professors of the Department in mandatory, in order to reach to a research topic of mutual interest.  Generally the presence of the candidate in Chios and his involvement in teaching and research activities is required. The language of the PhD can be English, but basic knowledge of Greek is also required. During their doctoral studies, doctoral candidates are involved in an in-depth literature review and assessment of the topic and a formulation of the research questions and hypotheses to be pursued. They also gather research data, elaborate and analyze them. The Doctoral Thesis is conceived as a substantial contribution to the corpus of scientific knowledge and its originality and scientific tenor is certified by its publication (partially or as whole) in reviewed scientific journals and/or presentations in international conferences. Doctoral candidates should hold an undergraduate degree and a “Masters” degree in an academic field within the Department’ radius of scientific interests.


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