Undergraduate Programme

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FME aims to provide students with a strong foundation in engineering, economics and management. It’s 5-year undergraduate programme includes:

  • forty-one (41) core programme taught courses over the first 3.5 years of the programme, compulsory for all students
  • seven (7) compulsory track taught courses delivered mainly during the fourth year of study, relevant to the area of specialization chosen by the student
  • a choice of three (3) compulsory elective courses providing further specialization within the framework of the chosen track
  • four (4) general electives selected from a group of concentrated courses which will develop creativity and skills essential for Financial and Management Engineers
  • the final year diploma thesis, undertaken during the ninth and completed during the tenth semester.

To obtain a degree in Financial and Management Engineering students are required to participate in 55 courses:

  • 41 core courses
  • 7 compulsory track courses
  • 3 compulsory electives
  • 4 general electives, and
  • a diploma thesis.

These 55 courses are selected by the student from a total of 94 courses offered by the department. The number of required courses, plus the wide selection available are testament to the dynamic, wide-ranging and competitive character of the curriculum.