Strategic Management

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Strategic Management
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The course focuses on the theory and practice of business strategy and aims to provide a framework through which studentσ will be able to recognize and respond to strategic challenges facing businesses today. The course begins with a set of basic concepts and terms that are necessary for understanding the object of strategy and strategic management. Then it presents the framework, methods and tools for strategic analysis of a company, investigates a large number of strategic problems, the creation of alternative strategies, and shaping the strategic plan in today's business environment. Some of the questions addressed are how a company can better position itself against the forces of the market, how a company can innovate strategically and "change the rules of the game" in its favor, how a company can create those unique skills necessary to achieve competitive advantage and maintain and improve its market position. Finally, it focuses on how these strategic choices  are 'tied' to the daily activities of the company in order to create an organization with a great ability to adapt to challenges over time.

Using case studies from the Greek and international business arena  students ware expected to understand the complex processes that take place in the complex  business environment and contribute to the critical evaluation of various methods and approaches proposed and implemented.

On successful completion of the course, students will be able to:

  • Understand what strategy is and why it matters
  • Think strategically about a company, its position, the long-term direction, resources and competitive capabilities, the caliber of its strategy, and the opportunities to acquire a sustainable competitive advantage.
  • Prepare strategic analysis across various sectors and analyze the conditions of competition and competitive challenges in the global environment.
  • Analyze the process of developing and implementing a business strategy
  • Apply the concepts and analytical tools to assess the strategic status of a company
  • Understand the ethical and socially responsible dimension of a business strategy
  • Identify the key points for successful execution of the selected strategy and the administrative tasks associated with its implementation in order to be able to promote the proper execution of the strategy, and work effectively as members of an executive team.

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