Liagouras Georgios

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Associate Professor
Member of Faculty
Area of expertise: 
Economic Analysis
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George Liagouras was born in Athens in 1964. He graduated from the Economics Department of the University of Athens in 1987. He continued his studies in Paris with a scholarship from the State Scholarship Foundation, where he obtained a PhD in economics (University Paris VII - Denis Diderot, 1995). During the period 1995-1997 he was teaching economics at the University of Paris VII, and was a member of the 'Groupe d'Etudes sur la Régulation et les Mutations des Economies' (GERME). From 1999 to 2007 he was Research Fellow at the 'Laboratory of Industrial and Energy Economics' (National Technical University of Athens). From 2002 to 2010 he was Assistant Professor of Economic Analysis at the Department of Financial and Management Engineering, University of the Aegean. Since 2011 he has been Associate Professor in the same Institution. He teaches 'Macroeconomics', 'Applied Microeconomics', 'Industrial Organization and Game Theory', and 'International Macroeconomics and Finance'. His research interests include evolutionary and institutional economics, methodology and history of economic analysis, and socio-economics of knowledge.

Curriculum vitae: 
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22710 - 35 451
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g [dot] liagouras [at] fme [dot] aegean [dot] gr

Liagouras, G. (2013), 'Lost in translation: Why Generalized Darwinism is a misleading strategy for studying socio-economic evolution', American Journal of Economics and Sociology vol. 72, No 5, pp. 1255-86.

Liagouras, G. (2010), 'What can we learn from the failures of technology and innovation policies in the European periphery', European Urban and Regional Studies, vol. 17, No 3, pp. 331-349.

Liagouras, G. (2009), 'Socio-economic evolution and Darwinism in Thorstein Veblen: A critical appraisal', Cambridge Journal of Economics, vol. 33, No 6, pp. 1047-64.

2010 Κ. William Kapp Prize for the best article - European Association for Evolutionary Political Economy.

Liagouras, G. (2008), 'Almost everything you would like to know about technology and growth and you will never be told by neo-Schumpeterians', in W. Elsner and H. Hanappi: Varieties of Capitalism and New Institutional Deals, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publ., pp. 323-43.

Liagouras, G. (2007), 'Economics and sociology in the transition from industrial to post-industrial capitalism', in S. Ioannides & K. Nielsen (eds), Economics and the Social Sciences: Boundaries, Interaction and Integration, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publ., pp.63-90.