Student Placement

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The University of the Aegean has been placing students in remunerated posts during off-term periods (most often the summer break). This placement practice has been in place for over 10 years and aims to achieve the following goals:

  • to give students opportunities to experience the practicalities of the business and professional worlds and combine their theoretical education with some hands-on experience
  • to give students a glimpse of a broad spectrum of business (inter-branch and inter-sector internships) as well as a number of the individual constituent parts of business as a whole.

Knowledge gained from practical experience enriches the academic curriculum by allowing students some insight into the everyday activities of the functional areas of the real world business. It enables them to become acquainted with company procedures, interact with staff in different functions with different ways of thinking, and participate in some real tasks. The organizations offering student placements are looking for new, independent solutions to real problems.

Student placement in companies is an integral but not compulsory part of the curriculum; a placement is usually for a period of two months. Students interested in a placement need to apply through a form to be submitted to the Department’s Student Placement Office. Positions are assigned in collaboration with the Programme Coordinator (usually a faculty member). 

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