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The course focuses on both the theory and the practical applications of Marketing in areas of interest to the Financial & Management Engineers. The course starts by defining the basic concepts in the topic of Marketing and their relation to business planning. It analyses the principles, methodologies, systems and tools that support marketing management, with specific references to the analysis of internal and external business environment, the organization of market analysis ( including market research techniques ) to determine demand, competition analysis, market segmentation, targeting and positioning, creating competitive advantage , shaping strategy and the Marketing mix (product, price, place, and promotion). Finally, the course makes a thorough reference to the design, planning, and implementation of Marketing plans.

Module Contents (Syllabus):

1.      General Definitions, the Marketing Process

2.      Marketing strategy for developing customer relationships.

3.      Analysis of the External Environmental

4.      Understanding the purchasing behavior of consumers and business customers

5.      Market Research

6.      Market Segmentation

7.      Branding in Products and Services

8.      New product development and product life cycle strategies

9.      Pricing.

10.   Distribution and Logistics

11.  Retail & Wholesale

12.  Promotion, Communication and Advertising

13.  Marketing and the Internet


Class schedule: 
Wednesdays, 15:00-18:00
Assessment methods: 


Student assessment is made as follows:

  • Final exam: 70%
  • Group Work Assignments: 30%

The work assignments aim to familiarize students with the theoretical issues discussed in the lectures and the case studies. The themes of the work assignments are defined in consultation with the instructor.



Large Classroom - Michaleion Building Ground Floor
Recommended Reading:

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