Money, Credit and Banking

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Money, Credit and Banking
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Elective course (track)
Financial Engineering
Elective course (track)
Financial Engineering

Banks play a significant role in the financial system. The aim of this course is:

to analyze the financial system, focusing on the financial intermediation,

to highlight the role of the financial system,

to present the basic banking instruments,

to show what happens in an economy when the banking instruments are not used properly,

to enable students to criticize the contemporary banking system.


Economic Activity,Banking and Financial Intermediation.

Banks and money supply

Money Demand

Interest Rates and Banking.

Credit Risk and Modelling.

Credit Rating Agencies.

CAMEL(S) rating system

Topics in Banking

Class schedule: 
Παρασκευή (Friday) 9.00-12.00
Assessment methods: 

Final Grade:
Winter semester: assignment and oral exams or 100% exams

June and Septemeber 100% exams

Recommended Reading:

Sapountzoglou G. & Pentotis H., (2017) "Banking Economics", Benos Publications.

Siriopoulos  K. and Papadamou S. (2014) Introduction to Banking and Capital Markets, Utopia Publications.

Antzoulatos A. (2020). Banking, Kontou A. Publications.

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